Transitional Care


Oliver Winston Behavioral Urgent Care offers transitional care services for patients seeking non-emergent care for their mental health. These services are designed to provide short-term care for those who need assistance with managing their mental health needs while transitioning back into their communities. These services can include crisis management, medication management, and therapeutic support.

What is Transitional Care?

Transitional care involves continuity of care in the transition from one provider or health care setting to another. Some examples include:

Crisis Assessment

During a crisis assessment, we gather detailed information from patients suffering a present mental health emergency.

Medication Management

Medication management involves providing refills between visits, and assessing the situation to determine appropriate levels of medication needed to stabilize mental health.

Therapeutic Support

Our crisis therapy services help you develop effective coping skills, regain emotional stability, and deal with a current crisis.

If you have symptoms that require immediate attention, including, but not limited to, suicidal thinking or other behaviors that can cause you or others harm, you should go to your nearest emergency department and/ or call 911.

You can also call 988 for immediate mental health needs.